First phase (2012-2014)

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2014, 13 February, UNESCO Dar es Salaam joined the Media Council of Tanzania for an event in the capital city of Dodoma, bringing together over 150 media stakeholders from across the country around this year’s global theme: the role of radio in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Local Radio


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World Radio Day 2014 in Dodoma, Tanzania (Photo: Comneta)
World Radio Day 2014 in Dodoma, Tanzania (Photo: Comneta)
World Radio Day 2014 in Dodoma, Tanzania (Photo: Comneta)

The event culminated in a week long training supported by UNESCO in the same city to develop the capacity of 40 community radio practitioners from nine local radios to deliver professional, ethical, and gender-responsive reporting through journalistic standards and codes of ethics.

All participants could join seasoned media professionals to explore how these standards and practices fit into broader efforts, fostering the power of radio for advancing gender equality in and through diverse forms of broadcasting. 


Contribute to Local Radio

Support local radio and community media

Community media, including local radio, should be supported from several angles: strenghtened skills and capacity-building, reinforced network and knowledge sharing, promotion of favorable legislative environment for sustainable growth. UNESCO is supporting community media practically by training professionals, but is also working with duty-bearers to ensure progress at policy-level.