Mafeteng Community Radio workshop on journalism and management skills

Gender equality
Issues of local public concern
Radio monitoring
Financial planning
Project outcomes: 
Journalism training
ICT training
Financial management of radios strengthened

A whole-week training was delivered to 10 professionals from Mafeteng Community Radio (MCR) in Lesotho. Mr. Thabang Pusoyabone facilitated the workshop from 3 to 7 March 2014, buiding skills on radio editorial programming, reporting issues of local public concern, management, gender-sensitive reporting and income-generation.

Mafeteng Radio

The workshop aimed at building the capacity of MCR personnel on the production of radio programmes and in the use of Internet to report on the three selected areas, as well as ensuring that the weekly schedule at MCR reflects the inclusion of programmes focusing on the following areas:

  • Health: Lack of health facilities and health workers, HIV and other chronic diseases and high rate of pediatric death due to lack of necessary immunization;
  • Agriculture: lack of machinery available to support irrigation, dry region with irregular rainfall, lack of training for farmers
  • Poor delivery of public services

The trainer introduced the MCR Weekly monitoring scheme of radio programmes - both for listeners (using MXIT App) and radio self-assessment - to ensure the monitoring cycle for both is operational and is able to generate trends and insights. All staff, specially the monitoring focal person, was trained on the methodology and importance of monitoring the quality of programming at the station.

Five MCR’s correspondents participated in the training and acquired skills on how to use mobile phones for interviewing and reporting, as well as how to package radio programmes in different formats for outreach in different platforms including social media and Internet.

The trainer worked closely with the station manager and staff to carry out entrepreneurship and income-generation activities with a view to generating income and strengthening the sustainability of the station. Mr. Pusoyabone facilitated the creation of a branding and marketing strategy for MCR, as well as supported the sales department on how to develop products that can be commercialized instead of general advertising spots. An assessment of the IT equipment and facilities available at the station was also done, as well as a session with the MCR board on understanding their roles for improving the radio station. 

First phase (2012-2014)