ICTs use in radio broadcasting and establishment of a network of Correspondents at Riverside

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UNESCO Windhoek Cluster Office promoted a workshop to explore the use of ICTs for broadcasting, networking, interacting and produce radio content from 24th to 28th June,2013 in Upington, South Africa. The training empowered 10 (5 women) staff and correspondents of Radio Riverside.

Radio Riverside
Training in Riverside FM
Training in Riverside FM
Training in Riverside FM

The workshop established a network of correspondents from the area of signal coverage of Radio Riverside. The trainees acquired skills such as reporting local news, interviewing techniques, moderation and interactivity, documentary reporting, gathering of testimonies, media law and self-regulation and use of ICTs in gathering, reporting and editorial. The training methodology included lectures and discussions followed by assignments related to each session. 

The trainees included members of the newsroom, producers, as well as the “new media executives” whose role was defined to increase radio Riverside’s presence on online platforms. They were trained on the use of ICTs for community participation as well as specific roles and responsibilities of correspondents.

Hands-on exercises resulted into several personal blogs and strategies to integrate social media and ICTs into different radio programmes. 

A good practice of incorporation of social media was shown by immediately after the workshop at the programme "Masifundisane", a programme mainly about Xhosa culture. The producer started using Internet search engines, Wikipedia, News24 and other sources to access information on any traditional and cultural issues discussed during the programme. Radio Riverside's Facebook page was used on the following to ask for  feedback from their listeners.

First phase (2012-2014)