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End of December 2015 was organized in Gitega, Burundi, a workshop led by UNESCO aimed to train local radio stations on financial and management planning.

Starting on December 24th, the coordinator of this three-day workshop, Mr Paul Niyungeko, concentrated all his efforts on instructing the three participants, of whom one was a woman, in the financial and management field in order to help them develop an economic vision that would help the local radio reach its financial goals in a strategic, profitable, and viable way.

Radio Humuriza

With this purpose in mind, the three locals were asked to participate in the different activities offered in order to make them realize about the importance of a good financial planning for the continuance and development of their local radio known as Radio Humuriza.

Despite the fact of the participants being really motivated and excited about the formation, one of the main challenge was to show them in the field how the centralization of power is most of the time a flaw in any financial planning.

Therefore, one of the most interesting parts of the workshop organized for the members of Radio Humuriza was to see its three participants progressively realize how important the repartition of the tasks and avoiding individualism in the radio field is.

By the end of the workshop, the three locals have not only increased and reinforced their knowledge, but they have had also been able to understand the importance of a good internal organization and division of the work.

The success of this three amazing financial workshop was huge as participants gained the right competences to design and execute a budget for the year 2016 while realizing the necessity of setting a strategic and coherent financial plan.

This workshop was organized within the framework of the “Empowering Local Radio with ICTs” project led by UNESCO and funded by the Swedish government UNESCO's project "Empowering Local Radios with ICTs" aims to bridge the gap between poor people - especially women and girls - and the public debate on issues of local public concern. This is achieved through a series of capacity-building activities in local radio stations, improving the programming quality, providing training on the use of ICTs and helping them to increase their geographical range of news coverage with a network of correspondents. The project, furthermore, focus on gender equality actions and financial sustainability of the radio stations.

Second phase (2015-2018)