Entrepreneurship and Income-generating in Kenya

Financial management
Project outcomes: 
Financial management of radios strengthened
Mwanedu Radio
Mangelete Radio

In the framework of its efforts to strengthen the development of community media in Kenya, UNESCO’s Regional Office for Eastern Africa facilitated a three-day workshop for the Mwanedu FM and the Radio Mangelete personnel. The training, which took place from 14 to 16 March 2013 in Voi, Kenya, focused on management and successful entrepreneurship, content development and income generated activities. 

The training included lectures and panel discussions for knowledge and experience sharing. Ten staff members from the two radio stations not only gained knowledge from the facilitator, but also had an excellent opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other. The training enhanced their understanding of the economic activities around the region, including those that have not yet been exploited for the benefit of the community.

Mr. Aggrey Kawino, a participant at the training, stated that “community radio stations in the area have continued to perform dismally because of poor strategies against expectations of their target groups and this has majorly been contributed to their inability to work jointly with the communities in activities.”

The training also highlighted some of the challenges facing community radios and they include:

  • short transmission span of the transmitters used by the radios,
  • lack of cooperation amongst the radio stations,
  • lack of finance,
  • lack of trained personnel to work in the radio stations.

Mr. George Mwamodo, Mwanedu FM Station Manager intimated that, “radio stations have a duty to educate communities on the abundant resources available for people to realise better livelihoods'.

Radio is the most accessible source of information in the region. It plays a very important role in the improvement of livelihoods through dissemination of information and knowledge to ordinary people. UNESCO has facilitated the workshop in Voi, as part of its continuous efforts to strengthen capacities of community radios in Kenya. The support granted to Mwanedu FM radio to conduct this training lies within a three-year project, funded by UNESCO and SIDA. 

First phase (2012-2014)