Second phase (2015-2018)
Radio Tele Manika (RTMA) was created on the 29 June 2009 and broadcast over an area of 100km².
The RTMA's mission is to educate, entertain and inform more than one million people living in the district of Kolwezi and more than two million others, divided between Kasaji, Dilolo, and Sandoa Musumba districts. The RTMA is a platform of free expression that promotes democratic values, ​​namely respect for human rights, good governance, the right to freely choose their leaders, and the fulfillment of every citizen’s duty. The RTMA set itself the objective of popularizing topics related to public health, education, agriculture, fishing, livestock, changes in attitudes and democracy.
Programs are broadcasted in French and Swahili and target the general public except for some specific shows addressed in priority to women, young people and farmers.
Summary of issues of local public concern identified by inhabitants of the signal area of Radio Tele Manika in Kolwezi:
  1. Proper farming techniques
  2. Fostering agriculture
  3. Use of fertilizer
  1. Daily health advices
  2. Sensitization against epidemic
  3. Poor sanitation and hygiene
Sustainable development
  1. Role of men in community development
  2. Quality of infrastructures
  3. Social growth

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