Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio Muungano is a community radio located in North-Kivu province, which was created on February 24th 1995 under an initiative of the Urgency Team for Biodiversity and other local NGOs working for the development of the town of Beni. The radio was first created with the objective to help and communicate with the April 1994 war refugees relocated in the province. The radio station covers the city and territory of Beni in the North-Kivu province and part of the Mambassa and South-Lituri territories with a population estimated to about 600 000 inhabitants.

Radio Muungano pursue the goals of reducing the isolation of the Beni population by providing them with information and local services. The radio is also fostering community’s actions and initiatives in order to participate in the development of local cultural life. 

According to the wishes and listening reports of its listeners, the radio addresses informative shows on education, agriculture, health, general and scientific knowledge and entertainment. Through awareness-raising programs the station helps address epidemics and pandemics like HIV/Aids.

The UNESCO project "Empowering Local Radio with ICTs" conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern. In Radio Muungano’s coverage area they are:


  1. Hygiene and sanitation
  2. Malaria prevention
  3. Endemics prevention


  1. Lack of agricultural funding
  2. Lack of market to sell farming goods
  3. Loss of fertile land because of growing insecurity in the country


  1. Youth mentoring and supervision
  2. Live in harmony with others as a society
  3. Education for all

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