First phase (2012-2014)

98.2 FM - The independent voice of the Rivercity

Radio Riverside broadcasts from Upington (Northern Cape) since 1999 and targets Xhosa, Setswana, English and Afrikaans-speaking listeners aged 18 to 35, with programming made up of 60% talk and 40% music. The radio covers an audience of 73.000 inhabitants. The radio station is considered as a model in governance and management by the Commonwealth of Learning.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Radio Riverside’s coverage area:


  1. HIV: Most people living with HIV hide their status from their partners putting them at risk of contracting the virus
  2. Drugs and alcohol abuse
  3. Other STDs emanating from teenage prostitutions and rape cases


  1. Lack of agricultural programmes especially in radio
  2. Not enough incentives for small farmers (commercial farmers get better value for products)
  3. Debates around residential rights vs. ownership rights (title deeds)


  1. Fraud of documents such as IDs and lack of judicial consequences
  2. Police corruption
  3. Child trafficking
  4. Non-reporting of crimes due to fear of being known by the fraudsters and gangs

“The heartbeat of communication in Siyanda district,” as their tagline proclaims, Radio Riverside not only provides the community with relevant information, addressing community challenges and actively involving community members to speak about their issues, but it also supports young people who dream about a radio career. To learn more about Radio Riverside’s important role in society, listen below to their audio presentation.:

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