First phase (2012-2014)

99 FM

Radio Moanda staff
Radio Moanda building
Radio Moanda studio

Radio communautaire de Moanda (province of Bas Congo) was created in 1999. The station covers 200.000 inhabitants in the territory of Moanda and Lukula. The radio is operated by 15 permanent staff and 15 volunteers. The radio has started the migration towards digital equipments. It now has 2 PCs, though it is constantly exposed to repetitive electricity shortages. The radio has partnered with USAID and “Centre Lokole” (created by the NGO Search for Common Ground in DRC) in the domain of civic and democracy education. The members of the station are very active in the community radio Network “ARCO” to promote the development of community radios in DRC. This station is also the representative of ARCO in the West region of DRC.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Radio Moanda’s coverage area:


  2. Mother-child health
  3. Malaria


  1. Means of production
  2. Crops transfer to place of sale
  3. Marketing and sales of products

Human rights and justice

  1. Civil rights
  2. Legal procedures
  3. Access to courts

Listen below to an audio presentation of Radio Moanda:

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Contact info

3, Avenue de la Radio. Boimanu
Muanda City
Bas Congo

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