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Radio Madimba

Second phase (2015-2018)

95.9 FM

Radio Madimba FM, or RAMA FM, is a community radio broadcasting on 95.9 FM from Gungu Territories since October 2003. Its broadcast radius extends 75 km and covers the entire region and parts of neighboring areas, reaching approximately 500 000 people. The station is coordinated by Professor Pierre Gambembo and completely operated by volunteers due to funding restraints. Madimba FM is a member of both the provincial Union of Local Radios of Bandundu (URPB) and the Federation of Local Radios of the D.R. of the Congo (FRPC).

Audio equipment for the station was donated by Free Press Unlimited, and a power generator from RFI Planète Radio supplies electrical needs. There is no access to internet in the Gungu region, which places a severe constraint on the availability of information for residents. This constraint highlights the necessity of Radio Madimba as a viable means to diffuse important information over a communication-isolated area.

The mission of Radio Madimba is to provide dependable and relevant information to listeners in remote and isolated areas of the region. They are inspiring change across communities by focusing programs on issues relevant to listeners to change perceptions, promote healthy lifestyles, educate residents and disseminate information to promote development.

A summary of the issues of local concern focused on at Radio Madimba includes:


  1. Malaria
  2. Sexually-transmitted diseases
  3. Pregnancy-related issues
  4. Epidemics
  5. Vaccinations
  6. Hygiene


  1. Proper agricultural practices
  2. Platforms for discussion among producers


  1. Children’s education
  2. Student life
  3. Information on educational institutions

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