Radio Ijwi ry’Umukenyezi (Woman’s voice)

Second phase (2015-2018)

The station based in Giheta, Gitega province in central Burundi, is the only media dedicated to women in the country. It was established in 2008 and is the result of an active cooperation between UNESCO and the Dushirehamwe association. The main goal of the station is women empowerment. The programs of Ijwi ry’Umukenyezi, are scheduled according to women listening habits in the area and they focus on issues impacting various aspects of women life.

Its mission is to “act locally to transform globally” and to contribute to the emergence of a strong and committed community for self-development. The overall objective of RIU is to contribute to the transformation in men/women relationships by new information, communication and educational technologies for development. To achieve this goal, the programs are based on specific objectives, the most important being the improvement of knowledge of both men and women on human rights in general and of women’s rights in particular. The radio also work in order to promote women participation in the social debate through the new information and communication technologies and to foster the principles of social dialogue to resolve community issues.

As a community radio, its program schedule contains varied themes, according to the needs of the community, and over 60% relates to the development of women. The main topics covered in the programs, concern health, agriculture and livestock, human rights, gender-based violence, the role of women in peace-building, participation of women in elections , education, culture and so on ... The RIU is working closely with government agencies, community groups, local and international NGOs.