Radio Humuriza

Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio FM-Humuriza was established in 2005 by a 16 years old- boy, Perry Gataka Saxony, and was first named radio "Gasape" after its creator. The current Humuriza FM officially started broadcasting on the 5th of August 2013. Humuriza FM is a community radio based in Gitega, central Burundi. The station has programs dedicated mainly to young population and serves a population of about 400.000 persons. The radio produces 80% of broadcasted programs.

Humuriza radio's mission is to show people, especially the youth that anything is possible, “just simply start, enjoy, work and persevere”. With its content enriched by interactive programs on youth, religion, culture, entertainment, education, health, technology and more, including of course the musical variety Humuriza FM is one of the most listened radio stations in the country's central region and emits in 6 provinces namely the provinces of Gitega, Mwaro, Muramvya, Karuzi, Kayanza and Bururi.

With the majority of young individuals among its staff, Humuriza opens its FM broadcasts daily from 6 am until 22 pm. These programs are designed in 4 languages: Kirundi, English, French and Swahili. One can also enjoy Humuriza FM radio programs around the world, via streaming through its website which is To achieve its noble mission, Humuriza FM plans to “cover the entire country through the FM”.