Radio Huguka

Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio Huguka broadcasts from Muhanga District, Southern Province, on frequency 105.9FM in Jali and 107.5 FM in Karongi. The radio has substantive following of about 4 million listeners, whom more 70% are agricultural producers and a coverage of more than 75% of Rwandese territory. The radio was established to augment Journal Huguka in promoting agricultural production through diffusion of new technologies; community participation in development, knowledge brokering, and support the national government in improving public health, protection and conservation of the environment, as well as inculcating a culture of peace.

Radio Huguka’s vision is to “form, inform and educate the rural world for self-promotion and attainment of sustainable development through its interactive programs”. They aim to inform, educate and entertain communities in Southern and Western Rwanda. Radio Huguka’s mission reads: “Assuring continuous public education in favor of the population living (mostly) in rural areas, through participative communication for rural development”.

In order to help rural communities, radio Huguka facilitate the integration of rural women in the decision-making process by granting an arena for opinion expression. Radio Huguka accord a great attention to the youth and its expression in its programs. Besides, radio Huguka helps people living in the community and the authorities to have a platform for community debate either live in studio or on the field.

Main issues of local public concern:


  1. Nutrition and addressing malnutrition
  2. HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support
  3. Domestic and personal hygiene


  1.  Market for agricultural products (including livestock produce)
  2.  Agricultural extension services
  3.  Farming vegetables and fruits

Social Cohesion

  1.  Sensitizing citizens about their rights and civil liberties
  2.  Promoting awareness on laws, legislation and government policy
  3.  Friendliness and appropriate handling of the public in government offices