Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio CCIB FM+, established in 1995 and based in Bujumbura, is one of the first local radios in Burundi. It serves a population estimated to 4,500,000 individuals. Its programs are oriented towards empowering local entrepreneurs and particularly young people to create their own businesses.

The stations depends on the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi, a not for profit association dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, business networking and development in the country. Because of the crisis environment in the country, the radio has set the goal of educating the population to peace through education to economic development.

On auditors’ requests, programs were gradually brought to 15 hours daily, broadcasting is from 6 am to 9 p.m. The radio broadcast languages ​​are Kirundi and French. Regarding the audience, a survey conducted in the Bujumbura neighborhood confirmed viewing figures are very important, especially among the youth. CCIB FM + was the first private radio with an independent editorial line in the country and it has contributed to the fight against juvenile delinquency of youth on holidays and unemployed youths, by capturing their attention with programs and interactive games through the radio, offering prizes.

The radio’s mission is to give positive note to focus on in the minds of young people to distract them from their concerns and social tensions related to the crisis in the country. By its action, the radio also intends to contribute to the socio-economic reconstruction, to fight against poverty and to stimulate creativity in entrepreneurship. Finally, it broadcasts economic measures from the government. The radio’s vision is expressed as followed “We believe that a culture of peace also requires a culture of improving the socio-economic life, and a culture of economic and productive development”.



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