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Radio Canal Revelation

Second phase (2015-2018)
Radio Canal Revelation is an associative and community radio that was created in 2001 in a situation of ethnic conflict, whose one of the causes was the poor distribution of information and a total lack of justice. The station is located in Bunia, capital of the new Province of Ituri, it transmits on the frequency of 100.7 FM and covers about 2,000,000 inhabitants in the territory of Irumu and Djugu.
Its objectives are to fight against the lack of information, to allow people to develop a critical judgment of their own and to support the work of development actors through educational and cultural programs. The radio really put much emphasis on broadcasting objective and impartial information in order to promote people’s right to know and a culture of peace.
The radio is also playing an important role in the process of peace-building and peace-keeping inside the community after the violence that caused the death of more than 60,000 people since 1999.
Radio Canal Révélation is member of the Congo’s Community Radio and Television Network (RATECO) and of the Community Radio Network of Congo (ARCO) since 2003.
Radio Canal Revelation’s mission is to fight against the lack of information of the people of DRC and to foster the development of critical thinking among its listeners.
The project Empowering Local Radio with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issue if local public concern in the Radio Canal Revelation’s coverage area:
1.       Daily health advices
2.       Sensitization against epidemic
3.       Poor sanitation and hygiene
Good governance
1.       Role of men in community development
2.       Quality of infrastructures
3.       Social growth

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