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Radio Bangu

First phase (2012-2014)

100 FM

Radio Bangu
Radio Bangu

Radio Bangu was created in 2004 and covers an audience of 500.000 people in the districts of Lukaya and Cataractes. It broadcasts from the territory of Kempese (province of Bas Congo). It is operated by 14 permanent staff and 40 volunteers. The station started with digital equipments. The station is a partner of “Centre Lokole” for issues regarding peace education, policy-making and political election.

Radio Bangu finds its origin in the concern of a radio professional who decided to leave Kinshasa and seek to work in the field of media in rural areas. When he told the people of Bangu about his plans, they were responsive to his ideas and joined forces. The premises were given by the town hospital, which were fixed up with the money coming from the first voluntary contributions. Then basic equipment was found for the studio. Today, the whole town takes pride in Radio Bangu.

The station enjoys a high level of ownership by the population. There are eight listeners clubs in the city et many more in the villages. These gather feed-back on the programs mainly broadcasted in Kikongo. It produces mainly magazines and provides a news bulletin in French and Kikongo.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Radio Bangu’s coverage area:


  1. Malaria prevention
  2. Mother-child health


  1. Means of production
  2. Crops transfer to place of sale
  3. Marketing and Sales of products


  1. Education for environment
  2. Caring for living space
  3. Preserving environment

The first FM radio in the town of Kempese, Radio Bangu is also a local radio and it works on air for the sake of its local community members. Listen below to an audio presentation of Radio Bangu and learn the story of its development told by the Director of the station, Rigobert Malalako:

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Parking Hôpital General de Reference IME, Kimpese, Songololo, Bas Congo

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