Radio Atlantis

First phase (2012-2014)

107.9 FM - The heartbeat of the community

Radio Atlantis broadcasts from Atlantis (Western Cape) since 1995, targeting listeners aged 16 to 34. The programming reflects the culture of the coloured community, with 60% talk and 40% music. The audience of the radio station is 29.000 people. The radio station has integrated the Commonwealth of Learning’s community learning programme model for radio production (participatory approach).

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Radio Atlantis’s coverage area:


  1. HIV, TB and Malaria
  2. Lack of accessibility to health care
  3. Drug and alcohol abuse


  1. Non availability of land and inability to sustain food gardens
  2. Expensive water supply
  3. Lack of skills/education and resources for small scale farmers

Teenage Pregnancy

  1. Teenage prostitution
  2. Cultural beliefs and  taboos around sex; negative influence (peer pressure) leading to unplanned pregnancy
  3. Early school dropouts

On air for more than 17 years, Radio Atlantis provides an important social service to members of the community, empowering men, women and youth by building skills and assisting with job creation initiatives. How can Radio Atlantis “fix the situation” of local people? Listen below to its audio presentation (Audio 1) followed by an exciting story told by Neorisha Julius, a production officer on Radio Atlantis who speaks about choosing a profession that has been traditionally held by men, and how she overcomes this stereotype (Audio 2)


Programming, editorial and ICTs skills in South Africa and Lesotho
ICTs in radio broadcasting and establishment of a network of correspondents at Bush and Atlantis radio stations
Humanitarian Information & Disaster Reduction Training in South Africa
Financial Management Regional Training in Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa

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