Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio Apac head office and studios are located at Media House, Biashara Street, Apac town, Apac District with a branch in Kampala. It is broadcasting on the frequency 92.9 FM

Radio Apac is an autonomous non-profit organization. It has been established on its own direction and with the initial support from the Commonwealth of Learning and its educational technology specialist, M. David Walker as well as the community members from Apac. Radio Apac is a pioneer radio station in the sub region and enjoys the community's goodwill.

The station’s vision is to operate a quality media center to serve the developmental needs of Northern Uganda by providing information, education and entertainment relevant to the needs of the northern citizens. Through quality service delivery approach and community participation, Radio Apac shall broadcast programs aimed at improving the livelihoods of the northern Uganda community. This includes radio broadcast services, telephone and fax services, video recording and editing, audio recording and editing, and internet access. Radio Apac is proud to call itself a community radio station because of its strong outreach policy to include the communities in programming and production of the radio programmes.

Radio Apac programing content is linked to the community and focus a lot on educational programing, programs for socio economic policy, broadcast for the grass-roots and also on involving the community to participate in programing and production. Most of the communities are interested in agriculture programs, education, health, current affairs and the politics and the radio is working to broadcast programmes that we will help the people to make decisions that are important for their lives.

The project "Empowering Local Radio with ICTs" conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern. In the Radio Apac’s coverage area they are:


  1. Malaria / HIV & Aids / Hepatitis B
  2. Hygiene and preventive health
  3. Access to health services to get early detection of issues


  1. Lack of understanding in farming practices  
  2. Weak market information
  3. Climate change adaptation

Community disputes / Problem solving

  1. Land related issues
  2. Dispute resolution and legal advice
  3. Knowledge on laws and rights regarding land ownership

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