First phase (2012-2014)


Orkonorei reporter interviews a Maasai girl on health issues. © UNESCO/ Al-Amin Yusuph
Orkonorei staff interviews a woman at the market on agricultural issues of local concern © UNESCO/ Al-Amin Yusuph
Orkonorei reporter interviews a Maasai woman at the market. © UNESCO/ Al-Amin Yusuph
Orkonorei staff edits an audio clip during a workshop in Simanjiro. © UNESCO/ Al-Amin Yusuph
Female Orkonorei's reporter participating in the workshop in Simanjiro. © UNESCO/ Al-Amin Yusuph

Radio Orkonorei FM is the first Maasai pastoralists’ radio and was established to better communicate with the Maasai in Terrat, Simanjiro district. The main challenge facing the Maasai are mainly natural resources problems caused by the increasing number of people living near wildlife conservation areas. Water is also a problem and in some areas, during the drought period, families spend almost the whole day every week fetching water. There is also a risk of the Maasai losing their cultural practices due to development. Most of the Maasai villagers live in houses of mud and wood, and some in newer homes of concrete blocks. Because of the difficulties in accessibility to medication, counseling services and HIV/AIDS protection measures, such as condoms, the Maasai desperately need HIV/AIDS education. The inclusion of Orkonorei in this project will greatly assist the Maasai not only to preserve their cultural heritage, but to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, better manage their dwindling natural resources and encourage them to participate in democratic dialogue. Radio Orkonerei FM’s programming is managed by a qualified team of journalists.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Radio Orkonorei FM’s coverage area:


  1. Shortage of medicines and vaccines
  2. Shortage of medical personnel and administrative staff
  3. Availability of potable water


  1. Lack of education
  2. Lack of agricultural experts
  3. Lack of agricultural inputs


  1. Lack of teachers
  2. Lack of learning facilities
  3. Distance to educational facilities

Check below video presentation of radio Orkonorei FM and video interview with Hadija Abdalah who shares her own experince of participating in the project. She explains challenges she faced and describes the achievements that have been made since the project started: 

Sabina is a reporter on radio Orkonorei. Her passion to journalism is so big that after the training on the use of mobile phones in radio production she was impressed how much value technologies give to journalism, and she bought her own mobile phone to use her new skills and grow professionally. Watch below a video interview with Sabina.

In her audio interview Hadija Abdalah tells the story of how, despite prejudices in the Maasai tradition, she succeeded to become a radio station manager. She speaks about gender-related programs on the radio and their impact on encouraging women to participate in political and civic processes. Listen below to the audio with Hadija Abdalah. 

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