Live FM

First phase (2012-2014)

90.3 FM

Live FM (Rehoboth) caters for the cultural and information needs of the Rehoboth community of 21.000 people in Afrikaans since 2002. This radio station will benefit from participating in this project given the need of enhancing the capacity of radio practitioners to drive a development agenda, build capacity, develop the skills of community radio practitioners in programme production and achieve sustainability.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Live FM’s coverage area:


  1. Drugs and alcohol
  2. HIV prevalence
  3. Poor diet: lack of promotion of healthy food


  1. Food and water shortage hence high prices
  2. Dairy and food farming is not well promoted
  3. Most of the land is a desert, leading to lack of available land for dairy farming and food crops

Unemployment and Domestic Violence

  1. Gender violence
  2. Crime of passion
  3. Lack of jobs for youth after school and colleges 

Life FM from Namibia strives to become a broadcaster of premium choice for the people in and around Rehoboth. Broadcasting in English and other indigenous languages spoken in the area, such as Nama, Damara, Shivambu, and Herero, the radio is making good progress in reaching its goal. Listen below the audio presentation of Life FM and learn why Tiery feels “lonely and lifeless without the sounds of Live FM.”:

Use of ICTs for broadcasting in Namibia
ICTs use in radio broadcasting and establishment of a network of Correspondents at Live FM
Humanitarian Information & Disaster Reduction Training in Namibia
Financial Management Regional Training in Cape Town, South Africa
National Forum on ICTs and Sustainability around the World Radio Day, Namibia
World Radio Day 2014 celebration in Namibia

Erf bo. 253, Block A, Bahnhofstreet, Rehoboth
P.O.Box 3363

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