Kyela FM

First phase (2012-2014)

96 FM

Kyela broadcasting studio

Since its launch, Kyela FM had already generated much impact, especially during the 2010 general elections in Tanzania. The radio was one of the select community radios that participated in the Voters’ Education Programme and obtained positive noting at the Programme monitoring and evaluation. The district has arable land, and produces one of the best rice varieties in East Africa. The radio audience is composed by most part of farmers, small business managers and fishermen. Before the installation of Kyela FM, there was a lack of radio signals from mainstream media. Therefore, inhabitants of Kyela District used to tune in to some FM stations from Malawi.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Kyela FM’s coverage area:


  1. Lack of medical personnel
  2. Shortage of medicines and vaccines
  3. Malaria and HIV


  1. Lack of agricultural inputs
  2. Lack of markets
  3. Lack of agricultural experts


  1. Poor infrastructure of classrooms
  2. Lack of teachers

Situated in a region rich in arable land, Kyela FM pays a lot of attention to news and educational programs for farmers and the community. UNESCO supports the station by building the capacities of Kyela’s radio journalists, so that they can produce radio programs of greater relevance and interest to listeners. Listen below to the audio presentation of Kyela FM and an interview with Programming Manager Sawadi Jackson.:

Gender sensitive training for community media, Tanzania
Workshop to raise capacities to produce programmes in three areas of concern in Pangani, Tanzania
Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of radio programmes, Tanzania
Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Income Generation, Tanzania
Workshop to develop mobile technology skills of local radios' correspondents in Tanzania
Radio Programming and Monitoring Methods with Gender Focus, Tanzania
Use of Internet to Report on Three Selected Areas, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania
Workshop for Correspondents, including ICTs, Pemba-Zanzibar, Tanzania
The role of correspondents Kyela, Tanzania

Ploat NO FF 129-130 Kalumbulu. P.O BOX 600.
Kyela, Mbeya