First phase (2012-2014)

105 FM

Kimvuka na Lutondo
Kimvuka na Lutondo
Kimvuka na Lutondo staff

Created in December 2004, is situated in the province of Bandundu, territory of Kenge and district of Kwango. The estimated audience of the radio is about 635.000 people in Kenge. Local news and programs produced by the radio cover health, agriculture, education, environment and citizenship education. The station is member or partner of Union des Radios de Proximité du Bandundu; Fédération des Radios de proximité du Congo, Search for Common Ground, Fondation Hanns Seidel, etc. There are presently 21 persons working for the radio, 6 being women.

Issues of local public concern identified in Kimkuva na Ludondo radio coverage area:


2. Malaria
3. Mother-child health


1. Means of production
2. Crops transfer to place of sale
3. Marketing and sales of products

Citizenship Education

1. Good governance
2. Decentralization
3. Political elections

Listen below to an audio presentation of the radio Kimvuka na Lutondo:

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Contact info

Kenge I, District of Kwango, Province of Bandundu
B.P. 10.175 Kinshasa I

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