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FM 105.8 - More than just radio

Jozi FM studio

Jozi FM, is the largest local radio in South Africa which broadcasts nationwide in several languages (based in Soweto, Johannesburg) since 1999. The station's radio format is 50 per cent music 50 per cent discussions. It was the first local radio station to be listed on the Digital Satellite TV’s (DSTV) audio bouquet. The radio station is a voice for the surrounding communities and focuses on delivering on the demands of its listeners. It targets a working-class, multi-cultural and educated audience, which is estimated at around 564.000 (RAMS Nov 2009).

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the Jozi FM’s coverage area:


  1. Alcohol and drugs abuse
  2. Lack of access to health care
  3. HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases


  1. Non availability of land for farming
  2. Lack of information about how and where land can be acquired
  3. Corruption of political officials in land acquisition

Orphans & vulnerable children

  1. Teenage pregnancy: young girls unable to take care of children and leaving them on the streets
  2. Dysfunctional families: divorce/single parenting
  3. Child trafficking

Listen below to the story of Aphelele Somi, radio presenter on Jozi FM:

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