Second phase (2015-2018)

Izuba Radio is located in Ngoma district in Eastern Rwanda, approximately 100 kilometers from Kigali, the capital city. Radio Izuba 100 FM was started in July 2004 to give communities within its coverage an opportunity and platform to exchange ideas to facilitate reconstruction and development of the country. Radio Izuba has an audience of 3.5 million people all over the country.

For over a decade now, the radio has informed, entertained and sensitized the population in the province and bordering areas on the objectives and implementation of the policy of reconciliation and national cohesion, good governance and community development and promoted fundamental issues, such as: the distribution of land and the best use of them, health related aspects like nutrition, the preservation of the environment and education.

The radio’s mission is to “provide Information and education to unlock individual potential of the people in our broadcast area and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life”.

The radio offers community participation in both show production and programming as well as local and regional news, diverse ranges of music and cultural programming in Kinyarwanda, the native language that is understood and spoken by all Rwandans, Kiswahili, English and French. Listeners of the radio highly regard the station as a healthy source of news and entertainment, a mode of communication, and a knowledgebase on the history and heritage of the country (its values, and moral, social, cultural).

The project "Empowering Local Radio with ICTs" conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern. In the Radio Izuba’s coverage area they are:


  1. Illegal medical treatment/care services
  2. Nutrition and addressing malnutrition
  3. Malaria prevention and treatment


  1. Market for agricultural products
  2. Farming and livestock production through agricultural cooperatives
  3. Using fertilizers to improve yields

Social welfare

  1. Parental participation in (school) education
  2. Students discipline during school holidays
  3. Prevention of drugs and alcohol abuse amongst students


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