Ishingiro Radio

Second phase (2015-2018)

Radio Ishingiro, inaugurated in June 2011, is one of the largest community radio stations in Rwanda. Based in the district of Gicumbi, in the Northern Province, the station has a wide listenership in the North and East provinces. Radio Ishingiro also belongs to the Rwanda Economic and Social Development Council (RESC).

The purpose of the radio is to promote the social, cultural and economic well-being of the community, to stimulate the population into the defence of their rights and to enforce the rule of law. They must also sensitize the authorities to respect their obligations to the community and make them responsible to their citizens in order to promote democracy, participatory governance and fight poverty.

The main mission of the radio is its work in the community and is summarized in its slogan "Advocacy for action and bringing active change to our community". In this context, Ishingiro radio is much more than a community radio station; it is a real social enterprise. The radio fights for its population through news, talk shows, drama and broadcasts, but also tries to assert a direct impact. For example, the station contributes to the health insurance of the most vulnerable individuals of the community. Local radio includes the community in its broadcasts through the contributions and comments of listeners.

A summary of the issues of local concern focused on at Radio Ishingiro includes:


1. Personal and domestic hygiene
2. Building the capacity of health professionals
3. Maternal health and family planning


1. Farming, livestock production and cooperatives
2. Agribusiness and commercial agriculture
3. Informing farmers about agricultural policies adopted by the government

Social Security

1. Forced child labour
2. Youth entrepreneurship
3. Poverty reduction