First phase (2012-2014)

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Fadeco building
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FADECO Community Radio operates from the region of Kagera, a region that was host to about one million Rwandese and Burundi refugees who have left a number of economic and social challenges resulting from the Rwanda and Burundi conflicts. These problems led to the UN system in Tanzania to develop a special UN programme on North Western Tanzania to assist those communities through a post refugee transition period. The station was set up with a grant of only USD 14,000 from UNESCO IPDC in 2007. Since then, the station has grown to a vigorous local radio with a strong editorial team, which has forged links with several national mainstream media and international media.

The project Empowering Local Radios with ICTs conducted a research together with local radio stations to identify main issues of local public concern in the FADECO Community Radio’s coverage area:


  1. Lack of health facilities
  2. Poor infrastructure and quality of medical services
  3. Diseases such as malaria and HIV


  1. Lack of markets
  2. Lack of agricultural inputs
  3. Lack of education


  1. Lack of teachers
  2. Poor infrastructure

Station manager Adeline Lweramula is one of four women working at FADECO Radio. One of the main challenges she faces in her job is to advocate the rights of women to become leaders. "They feel that women in the community always were inferior, which is not good. And we want it to be changed", says Adeline. Listen below to several audio and video interviews where she presents the station, explains challenges she went through and impact that project had on FADECO radio.


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