LibreOffice and Open Office are free and open source personal productivity suites with six applications for document production and data processing needs. was originally developed as StarOffice, but when Oracle acquired Sun, developers began defecting from the project. The result was LibreOffice, a new fork of the code base that's maintained by a nonprofit organization called the Document Foundation. LibreOffice looks and runs like The difference is that LibreOffice is being developed in a fully community-driven way, without oversight from Oracle.


● Compatible with major file formats. Import files from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and other formats, and can save to Microsoft Office and other formats.
● Word processor for text
● Calc is the application for spreadsheets, databases, charts, formulas, etc.
● Impress is the application to create multimedia presentations
● Draw lets you build diagrams and sketches
● Base is the database front-end of the LibreOffice suite to integrate existing database structures into the other components of LibreOffice
● Math is a simple equation editor
● LibreOffice also comes configured with a PDF file creator


● Free support and documentation from large community of users, contributors and developers
● Multilingual (Libre Office has more than 30 languages and Open Office almost 100)


●Not identified


● Replace proprietary software for a free alternative
● Open development to new ideas
● Software is tested and used daily by a large user community

Threats / Constraints

● Not identified