Crowdmap is a tool created by Ushahidi that allows to crowdsource information from the audience and visualize it on an online map.
Crowdmap is a platform to create online thematic maps, supporting contributions by SMS or internet, based on the geolocation of the information. Ushahidi platform is dependent on specific knowledge on servers
and setting up websites and coding, while Crowdmap is a service that aims to facilitate the creation of a map. It allows people to send text and pictures from cellphones and computers, adding the corresponding location. In the case of radio stations, it can be used to motivate audience participation by creating report maps and asking listeners to submit reports, complaints, and issues to be covered by the radio station's programmes.
The following video presents Ushahidi, the basis for Crowdmap.
You can watch below a walk-throught of Crowdmap with Evan Sims, Senior Developer at Ushahidi on the Crowdmap team.