Promoting the inclusion of children and young people with disabilities in education in the Arab region


Promoting the Inclusion of Children and Young People with Disabilities in Education in the Region report provides an analysis of inclusive education in the Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in order to make recommendations for future actions. Whilst the report has a particular focus on persons with disabilities, it recognises that other groups of learners are marginalised within or excluded from educational provision. The report highlights the progress achieved and the progress still required for inclusive quality education to become a full reality in the Arab Region, specifically with reference to children and young people living with disabilities.

This report urges governments to take measures to put the education of learners with disabilities under the responsibilities of the Ministry of Education. It also recommends that ministries of education should allocate adequate resources and to draw actionable plans to bring an end to the segregation of provision and ensure a nation-wide commitment to inclusive education of all. This approach is summed up in UNESCO guidance published in 2017 by the statement: ‘Every learner matters and matters equally’. The implication of this is that a strategy for promoting inclusion and equity can provide a pathway to educational excellence.

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This publication was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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