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Progress of SDG4 in the Arab Region: A Summary Review


The Report “Progress of SDG4 in the Arab region: A Summary Review” is a snapshot that presents key trends of SDG 4 progress in the Arab region between 2015-2020, using data and information from the National Voluntary Reports (NVR) submitted by 16 countries. The Summary Review presents a brief story of regional progress of education as part of the effort by the UNESCO Beirut office to document the progress made, taking into consideration the COVID-19 impact on the education sector. The Report presents how well the region has progressed, flagging critical issues that may need effective planning and coordination at regional and national levels to achieve the desired results. The Report also highlights good practices from countries under each target area.

The Report benefited from financial support from the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS).

Access the report here.