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Information for All Programme (IFAP)

Intergovernmental Council for IFAP

The Programme is guided in its planning and implementation by an Intergovernmental Council comprising 26 UNESCO Member States that are elected by UNESCO’s General Conference. The functioning of the Council is financed by UNESCO’s regular budget.


Within the framework of the decisions of the General Conference concerning the Information for All Programme, the Council shall guide its planning and implementation. This shall, in particular, include:

  • considering proposals on the development and adaptation of the Information for All Programme;
  • recommending the broad lines of action that the Information for All Programme could take;
  • reviewing and assessing achievements and defining the basic areas requiring increased international co-operation;
  • promoting participation of Member States in the Information for All Programme;
  • supporting all fund raising efforts for the implementation of the Information for All Programme.



Member States elected from 38th to end of 40th session of the General Conference (2015-2019): Member States elected from 39th to end of 41th session of the General Conference (2017-2021):
Argentina Bahrain
Cambodia Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Egypt Hungary
Ethiopia Jamaica
Ghana Lithuania
Grenada Mali
Israel Niger
Malaysia Oman
The Netherlands Russian Federation
Peru South Africa
Philippines Switzerland
Sweden Turkey