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Asociación SERES


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Asociación SERES empowers and educates youth to build and lead healthy, just and sustainable communities. The Guatemalan non-for profit organization has been operating in Guatemala and El Salvador since 2009, and in the USA since 2015.

SERES receives the award for its ESD Youth Ambassadors programme.

ESD Youth Ambassadors programme

The SERES ESD Youth Ambassadors programme aims to build a cohort of facilitators to inspire, mobilize and unleash youth leadership for community resilience to a changing climate. The project certifies youth ambassadors to train other young people to become multipliers of established sustainability programmes.

These programmes teach about sustainability through a leadership lens which helps identify individual and collective actions that help build more resilient, thriving communities. Ambassadors replicate these programmes in their communities, in collaboration with SERES, providing sustainability role models for other youth.

The desired outcome is for the SERES Ambassadors to have not just the knowledge but also the skills, attitudes and values to act as powerful and effective transformative change agents.

So far, 1,900 youth and young adults in Central and North America have been reached this way.   

International Jury recommendation:

“The project reflects an approach which is unusually thorough and imaginative in its grasp of the meaning, practice and potential of ESD, leading to an impressive set of human skills, leadership competencies and attitudes amongst the Ambassadors, which accelerate societal transition towards sustainability and is truly transformative. The project facilitates an effective multiplication process which is organic in nature, and there is great potential for much wider take-up.”

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