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Jayagiri Centre

The Centre for Development of Early Childhood, Non-Formal and Informal Education Bandung (Jayagiri Centre), established in 1961, is an educational office under the Directorate General of the Indonesian Ministry of National Education and Culture.

Jayagiri Centre attempts to develop and implement ESD learning models and programmes in local communities, considering their specific needs, potentials and typology. These programmes act as lab sites, which can be scaled up, adapted or duplicated by other communities in the region.

The Centre receives the award for its Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship programme.

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship for Youths and Adults

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship for Youth and Adults is an adaptable entrepreneurship programme targeting mainly youths and adults between the ages of 18 and 45 in rural areas. The goal is to shape new entrepreneurs based on local specialty and competitiveness in order to improve the economy of the community, while preserving local culture and traditions and the neighbouring environment.

The method creates real-life learning conditions. The entry point is entrepreneurship through various vocational skills, such as handcrafts (making wooden puppets and sculptures), fresh-water fish farming, growing of organic vegetables, bamboo weaving, compost making and wood carving – using mostly recycled substances as raw materials. The programme employs cooperative-competitive strategies, stimulating learners’ team spirit while at the same time encouraging them to familiarize themselves with healthy competitiveness with the other groups.

Since its initiation in 2010, the programme has already reached over 15,000 learners.

International Jury recommendation:

“Achieving sustainable lifestyles and an eco-economy remains a major challenge. This project is an innovative and committed approach to the development of entrepreneurial skills and engagement with the local economic needs, societal interaction and resource use based on sustainability principles and pedagogy. This approach results in a more sound local economy, socially cohesive community whilst maintaining local culture and ensuring ESD through practice.”