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Principles for AI: Towards a Humanistic Approach? A Global Conference - 4 March 2019, Room 1

Mon, 4 Mar - 10:30 to 11:45

Plenary Session 1: Challenges and Opportunities of AI

Davor Orlic

Chief Operating Officer, Knowledge 4 All Foundation

Davor Orlic is an MA graduate in Digital Humanities from the University College London, and co-founded VideoLectures.Net, a platform with 25.000 educational videos.  He created OpeningupSlovenia, a national educational test bed, and established the UNESCO Chair in Open Technologies for OER and Open Education, as well as the UNESCO Chair in Artificial Intelligence. 

He is now managing the Knowledge 4 All Foundation with 60 global members. His work is at the intersection of research, technologies, policies and business innovation in Artificial Intelligence. 

He is currently working on setting up a Network of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in sub-Saharan Africa and expanding the Global South mapping of hot spots in AI across four global regions. He is also working on the 1 billion euro HumaneAI project that aims to launch a new scientific field for Human centric AI.