Building peace in the minds of men and women

Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information

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Amy Goodman - 'Media can be the greatest force for peace' 

Marietje Schaake - 'Halfway democracy and internet access is not enough' 

Nadia Al-Sakkaf - 'Women want to be part of the internet...'

Tawanda Mutasah - 'Access to information is the way to fight poverty'

Marianne Ponsford - 'Libraries are powerful content curators that keep us informed' 

Natalia Soebagjo - 'Corruption and bribery undermine sustainable development...'

Gwen Lister - 'Journalists today should not feed frenzy for disinformation' 

Tarja Halonen - 'Access to information gives me the freedom to be a human being' 

Francisco Acuña - 'Distrust towards governments comes from lack of access to information'

Fatih Birol - 'No access to electricity is no access to information' 

Sean O’Siuchru: “It’s all about access to the right information” - Wrap-up session