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Regional IPDCtalks

The main event of the IPDCtalks will be held in Paris on 28 September, but at the same time, regional IPDCtalks will be organized in ten other localities. This means that the IPDCtalks will be held on all different continents of the world on 28 September.

Select the region you're most interested in and join one of the regional IPDCtalks.

The IPDCtalks took place in the following eleven countries:

  • IPDCtalks in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • IPDCtalks in Sana'a (Yemen)
  • IPDCtalks in Kabul (Afghanistan)
  • IPDCtalks in Apia (Samoa and the Pacific States)
  • IPDCtalks in Montevideo (Uruguay and Latin America)
  • IPDCtalks in Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia)
  • IPDCtalks in Ramallah (Palestine)
  • IPDCtalks in Amman (Jordan)
  • IPDCtalks in Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • IPDCtalks in Islamabad (Pakistan)