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Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information

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One of the major objectives of the IPDCtalks 2017 is to spark and foster vivid discussion around the cause of the event: the importance of access to information, plural and independent media, freedom of expression and transparency - elements that are crucial for sustainable development and good governance.

That's why we would like to invite you to share your personal opinion and thoughts. Give us examples of why you think access to information is key to a sustainable future and tell us your own story. This could be through answering questions such as

  • How can, in your opinion, journalism, media and access to information in general stop corruption?
  • How can access to information reduce the drivers for climate change?
  • Does quality information have the power to hold governments and other parties that are in power accountable for their decisions and policies?

Just post your story under any official #IPDCtalks post on Facebook or Twitter in order to share your experience and to inspire people around you.

We also invite you to discuss online with the speakers of this year's IPDCtalks. You can do so via Twitter by using #IPDCtalks and #AccessToInfo. Selected questions will be answered live by the speaker you have addressed during the event. For more information on the speakers' topics and time slots, please have a look at our programme.

Join our live broadcast on 28 September, here on our website, in order to get answers to your questions from your favourite speaker.

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