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Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information

About the IPDCtalks

The IPDCtalks, a day of dialogue and exchange, will be held to celebrate the International Day for Universal Access to Information. The main goal of the event is to highlight the importance of Access to Information and to address core issues around this access which are crucial for a sustainable development and future as well as good governance.

The IPDCtalks are set up as follows: Some Talks will link the role of Access to Information to the realization of a particular Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), such as, for example, the impact of access to information on climate change action, strengthening gender equality or combating poverty. Others will emphasize and explain the interplay of Access to Information and a sustainable future in more general terms.

Overall, the organization of the IPDCtalks has set three core objectives:


Sponsors & Partners

The IPDCtalks are generously funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Lithuania.



For the IPDCtalks 2017, the IPDC has partnered up with Djembe Communications. Named after the West African drum, Djembe Communications is a unique cross-spectrum communications consultancy committed to amplifying African stories founded on opportunity, growth and innovation. Djembe offers an organically grown international network with strong local market presence.