World Union Of Jewish Students

Objectives and Mission: 

The mission of The World Union of Jewish Students is to foster the unity of Jewish students worldwide and to strive to ensure their participation in the fulfilment of the aspirations of the Jewish people, its continuity, and the development of its religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage. To that end, it seeks:
To unite Jewish students worldwide.
To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between its members and, where appropriate, to coordinate their activities.
To represent and act on behalf of its members before international authorities with respect to matters which concern Jewish students as a whole.
To connect students worldwide with the State of Israel as the central creative factor in Jewish life, and to pursue this through the encouragement of Aliyah, strengthening the State of Israel and increasing the ties between the Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora.
To strengthen the ties of solidarity among Jewish students by encouraging and assisting the creative development of young Jews in all spheres of Jewish life.
To strengthen the relationship between the local Jewish student union and the Jewish community in which it resides.
To encourage Jewish learning and to promote the study of Jewish culture generally and the knowledge of the Hebrew language and literature in particular.
To educate Jewish students about the problems of Jewish survival in the Diaspora and to secure the rights, status, and interests of Jews and Jewish communities and to defend them wherever they are; to fight against racism, Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and revisionism, and to fight for Jewish continuity.
To do all others things which may be incidental to, or conducive to the attainment of the above aims

General description: 

Sponsors or organizes educational programmes aiming to enhance understanding of Jewish heritage in all its forms by students, youth and young adults worldwide. Organizes Annual International Winter Seminars and specialized summer seminars. Carries out: political activities to focus attention and shape opinion on Jewish issues and on international issues having a bearing on the Jewish people; Zionist activities simultaneously giving Jewish students a positive image of Zionism and countering anti-Zionist propaganda on campuses; social activities involving efforts to limit assimilation, both by students themselves and within Jewish communities.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Jewish religion, Teaching, Youth