World Union Of Catholic Teachers

Objectives and Mission: 

Study, assert and promote Catholic doctrine in connection with education and the school; compile and exchange news regarding the economic and social status of teachers in various countries and study the possibilities of improving them; further and support establishment of Catholic teachers in countries where such associations do not yet exist; exchange information concerning initiatives and experiences carried out in the field of religious, moral and professional training of teachers and of apostolic action in the teaching sphere; defend and respect the rights, liberties and interests of the teacher, as far as he/she is a Catholic, notably within the Church's framework.

General description: 

Establishes and strengthens relations between the member organizations; participates in the activities of international bodies, especially UNESCO. Organizes regional encounters of member associations, for example Caribbean members meet annually as Caribbean Association of Catholic Teachers; International Congress on the occasion of the General Assembly.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Teacher Education