World Jewish Congress

Objectives and Mission: 

The mission of the World Jewish Congress is to foster the unity and represent the interests of the Jewish people, and to ensure the continuity and development of its religious, spiritual, cultural, and social heritage.
The World Jewish Congress seeks, among other things:
to enhance solidarity among Jewish communities throughout the world and, recognizing the centrality of the State of Israel to contemporary Jewish identity, to strengthen the bonds of Jewish communities and Jews in the Diaspora with Israel.
to secure the rights, status and interests of Jews and Jewish communities and to defend them wherever they are denied, violated or threatened;
to encourage and assist the creative development of Jewish social, religious, and cultural life throughout the world, to support Jewish education and the development of Jewish values, and to ensure Jewish continuity and the transmittal of Jewish legacy from one generation to another;
to assist Jewish communities in strengthening their Jewish identities and in confronting problems in the political, legal, social, religious, cultural or economic spheres;
to represent and act on behalf of Member Communities and the Jewish people as a whole vis-à-vis governments, governmental authorities, international and intergovernmental organizations and authorities, non-governmental organizations, inter-faith groups, other faiths and civic bodies;
to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and of the millions of Jews and countless Jewish communities destroyed during the Shoah, and to advocate on behalf of its survivors and their families;
to combat anti-Semitism in all its manifestations and to raise the consciousness of the public at large to the dangers inherent in any incitement to religious, racial, or ethnic intolerance, oppression or persecution;
to foster, support and participate in inter-faith dialogue; and
to encourage and promote gender equality and the involvement of younger Jews in Jewish communal and organizational leadership.

General description: 

The World Jewish Congress seeks to protect Jews and Jewish communities wherever their political, religious, cultural or other human rights are in danger. It works in the field of inter-religious dialogue, in particular with the Vatican and the World Council of Churches. Research centre in Jerusalem: Institute of the World Jewish Congress. The American section includes a Commission on Art Recovery (CAR) which seeks to identify and locate works of art stolen by the Nazis and their collaborators and receives complaints from victims of such theft.

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Field of Interest: 
Autonomy, Culture of Peace, History, Human rights, Jewish religion, Racism