Building peace in the minds of men and women

World Federation Of Unesco Clubs, Centres And Associations

Objectives and Mission: 

Further the ideals, objectives and programmes of UNESCO and, to that end, further, strengthen and encourage the development of UNESCO clubs, centres and associations; promote international understanding and education, particularly with a view to the effective exercice of human rights, the endogenous development of every people, and the construction of a new world economic and social order, and pursue these aims also in nations and peoples, particularly in order to advance mutual understanding among the different cultures in the world; involve people in UNESCO work, particularly at the grass roots level; promote utilization of science and technology for peaceful purposes, for the welfare of humanity, and, in particular, of the developing countries; promote in all societies the right of every person and every people to a cultural identity.

General description: 

WFUCA’s activities aim in the promotion of the objectives and ideals of UNESCO such as intercultural dialogue, peace, human rights and sustainable development through education for all, respect for cultural diversity and scientific progress. After the 8th World Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2011, WFUCA being aware of the recent political, socioeconomic and environmental challenges worldwide, has adopted the “Global Ethics” Action Plan. Recent activities focus on the promotion and establishment of sustainable development, respect for diversity and human rights, peace and security, rule of law, tolerance and mutual understanding through the creation of a common platform on Global Ethics values. Within this framework, WFUCA in collaboration with National Commissions, the Private and Governmental Sector, has organized various events, conferences, seminars, projects and other activities with themes on Global Ethics and has adopted two declarations on Global Ethics; the Declaration on the Proclamation of the International Day for Global Ethics adopted in Florence-Lucca and the Declaration on Global Ethics adopted in Astana which was presented to the Director-General of UNESCO, Mrs. Irina Bokova in Kazakhstan, in August 2013.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Cultural Diversity, Cultural identity, Culture, Development, Education, Human rights, Literacy, Non-violence, Peace, Racism, Tolerance