World Federation Of Trade Unions

Objectives and Mission: 

Prime objective is emancipation of workers by means of:
Combating all forms of exploitation of people and obtaining and guaranteeing living conditions and working conditions for all workers which would allow them the widest possible benefits from the fruits of their labour, including: the right to work for all and the guarantee of this right; full and adequate social security legislation to protect workers and their families in the event of sickness and old age and every other type of assistance and social security; training, education and culture for all workers, thus enabling them to gain access to any responsibility or position within their capabilities.
Fighting for: final elimination of all forms of exploitation, domination or expansionism in the political, economic, social, cultural or racial spheres; assurance of the freedom and security of all peoples; elimination of underdevelopment; assurance of the economic and political independence of all peoples; establishment of a new, just, international economic order;
Achieving social, economic and political democracy, the defence and development of workers' and trade unions' rights and freedoms, respect for human rights and the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Trade Union Rights;
International detente, establishment of a just and lasting peaceful coexistence amongst all states, mutually advantageous cooperation amongst all peoples, an end to the arms race, especially in nuclear arms and progressive arms reduction leading to general and complete disarmament.

General description: 

Instrumental in setting up: International Trade Union Centre for Labour Research and Studies.

Country Presence: 
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Education, Environment, Human rights, Peace, Trade union, Training