World Federation Of Scientific Workers

Objectives and Mission: 

The main goal of the World Federation of Scientific Workers(WFSW) is to be involved internationally in all aspects of the role of science, the use of scientific discoveries, the implications of these findings for society, the rights and duties of scientists, social responsibility, and ethics in science.
The WFSW's objectives are to:
develop and uses science, engineering and technology for peaceful purposes and the solution of most pressing global problems; 
develop international cooperation in the fields of science, technology and the training of scientists,
exchange of scientific information, results of research and experience of work;
provide assistance to natural and social scientists, engineers and technicians and higher educational workers and organizations in developing countries in the interests of their scientific, technical and social progress;
preserve and encourages freedom and cooperation of scientific work, both nationally and internationally;
link organizations of scientific workers whose activity is directed towards safeguarding scientific rights and improving scientists' working conditions and status;
work for improvement in professional, social and material status of scientific workers, in cooperation with national and international trade unions and other bodies, paying particular attention to the needs of women and young scientists;
facilitate awareness by scientific workers of their responsibility in shaping the future, in shaping public opinion and in disseminating scientific knowledge and progressive views;
promote continuity of humanistic traditions, proclaiming the scientific method in the face of anti-science, irrationalism, mysticism and other forms of obscurantism.

General description: 

Continuing activity on the position and activities of scientists, international scientific collaboration and the social implications of science.
Prepares and publicizes material on nuclear and biological hazards and on weapons of mass destruction.
Studies ways in which science can help newly developing countries.
Organizes International Symposium (currently every 3 years); roundtables.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Climate, Development, Disarmament, Ethics, Health, Law, Sciences, Scientific research, Water