World Federation Of Engineering Organizations

Objectives and Mission: 

Provide information and leadership to the engineering profession on issues of concern to the public or the profession; serve society and be recognized by national and international organisations and the public, as a source of advice and guidance on the policies, interesting concerns that relate engineering and technology to the human and natural environment; include the engineering dimension in the solutions to the current challenges facing the world such as water and food security issues, energy challenges green growth and other; foster peace, socio-economic security and sustainable development among all countries of the world, through the proper application of technology; facilitate relationships between governments, business and people by contributing an engineering dimension to discussion of policies and investment.

General description: 

WFEO organizes: congresses; seminars; workshops; other meetings; studies in engineering education and training and in engineering information; programme on environmental engineering. Undertakes special projects in cooperation with member engineering institutions and in cooperation with other international bodies. Has drawn up a Code of Ethics. Standing Technical Committees (10): Energy; Anti-Corruption; Engineering Capacity Building; Education in Engineering; Information and Communication; Engineering for Innovative Technology; Disaster Risk Management; Women in Engineering; Young Engineers/Future Leaders; Engineering and the Environment.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Disaster Risk Management, Engineers, Environment, Innovation, Sciences, Technology