World Catholic Association For Communication (Ex Unda And Ocic)

Objectives and Mission: 

In 2002, fusion between OCIC and UNDA to form SIGNIS -World Catholic Association for Communication.
SIGNIS isd a world Catholic association of groups and individuals engaged in communication and media who, inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, have as their goal the promotion of the personal, social and cultural life of each human being and their community.
The objectives of SIGNIS are :
- to promote a Christian understanding of the importance of human communication in all cultures;
- to engage in activites which motivate and encourage participation in the improvement of the world of communications;
- to promote communication policies that respect Christian values, justice and human rights;
- to support media education at all levels.

General description: 

Organization of meetings, festivals, training in the whole world.
Continental meetings took part in different parts of the world.
Participation in the International Day of Peace each year on September 21st.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Human rights, Media, Religion, Training