World Assembly Of Youth

Objectives and Mission: 

Increase inter-racial respect and foster international [understanding] and cooperation; facilitate collection of information on the needs and problems of youth; disseminate information on methods, techniques and activities of youth organizations; promote exchange of ideas among youth of all countries; assist in development of youth activities and, by mutual aid, promote extension of the work of voluntary youth organizations; cooperate in development of national youth councils of voluntary youth organizations; promote democratic participation of young people both in their own organizations and in the life of society as a whole; establish and maintain relations with international voluntary and governmental organizations; support and encourage national youth movements of non-self governing countries in their struggle for attainment of self-government; promote tolerance, understanding, solidarity and cooperation among young men and women; encourage full participation of young men and women in the development process of their countries; improve equality between young men and women.

General description: 

The World Assembly of Youth has two main tasks:
To represent its members towards international organisations and institutions, and promote the work of voluntary youth organisations all over the world. WAY deals with all issues affecting youth in international, regional and local level.
WAY organises events on global, regional, and national levels.These events are often carried out in co-orporation with other international youth organisations, regional youth structures or national affiliates. WAY's representatives participate in various UN working groups and other meetings promoting youth issues and the interests of member organisations.

Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Development, Drug abuse, Education, Environment, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Literacy, Peace, Population, Social protection, Training, Women, Youth