Women's International League For Peace And Freedom

Objectives and Mission: 

Bring together women who are opposed to war, violence and exploitation and all forms of discrimination and oppression, to unite in establishing peace based on economic and social justice for all; help bring about a world economic and social order founded on absence of violence, on acceptance of a pluralist human society, on respect for fundamental human rights and on recognition that peace and security depend on equitable sharing of riches; work for rights of women, equality for all, the integrity of the person and the community, general and complete [disarmament], prevention of war and peaceful settlement of conflict, worldwide cooperation and solidarity, economic and social development meeting the needs of all peoples and safeguarding the natural environment, respect for international law and the strengthening of the United Nations and its specialized agencies.

General description: 

Support alternative economic networks, outreach to feminist & environmental & peace community on globalization
Networking with NGO’s taking a lead in challenging globalization
Organize hearings, briefings, study groups on the impact of globalization
Form a committee on workers rights and liase with the International Labour Organization (ILO)
Ongoing protests against cuts in social, educational & cultural programs
Using the women’s budget as a tool & finalize the international booklet on women’s budget
Support government efforts to meet basic needs & hold them accountable
Demand the reform of rules of financial institutions
WIND campaign - with focus on Weapons of Mass Destruction & Nuclear Free Zones & effects of nuclear radiation
lobby for Special Session on Disarmament
lobby against Space Militarization
help campaign against light weapons

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Environment, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Peace, Women