Objectives and Mission: 

The mission of W-SMART is to create an international water security alliance of metropolitan public and private water utilities. Its objective is to improve disaster resiliency, preventive and mitigation capabilities, consumers’ awareness, operational efficiency and sustainability, and crisis management practices of metropolitan water supply and waste water management services.
W-SMART is committed to promote global solidarity initiatives in responding to emergency  response needs and capacity building support solicitations of local governments in vulnerable developing countries facing natural disasters or increasing water scarcity stress.

General description: 

Experience Sharing through organization of Annual Workshops and International Fora for interactive assessment of best practices, innovative technology solutions, and service management strategies facing emerging security challenges.
Capacity Building for Crisis Management Training of Water and Waste Water Agencies for planning, execution, and assessment of field exercises, through:
Participation of W-SMART members as observers in Crisis Management Exercise conducted by the peers;
Technical support to member-utilities for preparation of Crisis Management Guidelines.

R&D for assessment and demonstration of new technology through the W-SMART R&D Center, created in January 2012 as a partnership of University of Lille, KWR Institute, French Commission of Atomic Energy and W-SMART.
Promoting and facilitating Global Solidarity capacity building initiatives of W-SMART members, in collaboration with international organizations, in responding to emergency response needs of local governments in vulnerable countries facing natural disasters or increasing water scarcity stress.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Hydrology, Natural Sciences