V.i. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

The Vernadsky Foundation aims to attain sustainable, environmentally oriented, socio-economic development of the society, based on V.I. Vernadsky’s scientific heritage.
Formation of the ideological basis of the society’s responsible attitude to the environment
Propaganda of the fundamental principles of sustainable development
Facilitation of evolution and popularization of the scientific heritage of Academician V. I. Vernadsky
Education for sustainable development
Improvement and enhancement of nature preservation’s efficiency in the Russian Federation
Uniting efforts of the Russian society for solution of environmental problems

General description: 

Ecological support of the projects, carried out by the Foundation’s members (“Gazprom” OJSC, its branch organizations, etc.), regarding the requirements of the Espoo Convention and the Aarhus Convention;
implementation of Vernadsky foundation projects and programmes (National Ecological Award, “Ecological Culture. Peace and harmony” International project, “Eco Erudite” School Olympiad, scholarship and grant programmes, etc.);
international activities for the sake of popularization and evolution of V.I.Vernadsky’s scientific heritage;
international activities in the sphere of education for sustainable development;
education and publishing activities;
organization of environmental events.

Country Presence: 
Russian Federation
Field of Interest: 
Development, Education, Environment, Natural Sciences, Sciences